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Faculty and Staff Personal Home Pages

First Name Last Name Ext Position Area Location Email
Hortencia Jimenez 831.770-6182 Sociology Professor Social and Behavioral Sciences E - College Administration (South) hjimenez@hartnell.edu
Isabel Ferraris Human Anatomy and Physiology Instructor Biological Science N - Merrill Hall iferraris@hartnell.edu
Jeffery Hughey 831-770-7054 Instructor of Biology Biological Science N - Merrill Hall jhughey@hartnell.edu
Jennifer Fellguth 831-521-4253 Instructional Librarian Library Science A - Library/Learning Resource Center (LRC) jfellguth@hartnell.edu
Jon Hubbard --- Biology Instructor Math, Science & Engineering N - Merrill Hall jhubbard@hartnell.edu
Kelly Locke 831-755-6758 Math Faculty Math, Science & Engineering D - College Administration (North) klocke@hartnell.edu
Marnie Glazier 319-331-4782 Theatre Arts & Cinema Faculty Lead Theater Arts K - Performing Arts / Western Stage mglazier@hartnell.edu
Melissa Hornstein (831) 755-6889 Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics Instructor Engineering S - STEM Center Building mhornstein@hartnell.edu
Pimol Moth 831-755-6893 Astronomy Instructor Math, Science & Engineering S - STEM Center Building pmoth@hartnell.edu
R. Burton Ward 831-770-7079 Professor Sustainable Design and Construction Design & Construction 2 - Hartnell College Alisal Campus rward@hartnell.edu
Stanley Crane 831-755-6868 Title V Activity Director E - College Administration (South) scrane@hartnell.edu
Susan Pheasant 831.755.6702 Director - Agricultural Business & Technology Institute Agriculture Business & Technology Institute 2 - Hartnell College Alisal Campus spheasant@hartnell.edu
YaoTang Liao Instructor of Physics, Math , and Astronomy Physics 1 - Hartnell College Main Campus yliao@hartnell.edu
Tracey Spencer Adjunct Instructor Administration of Justice 1 - Hartnell College Main Campus tspencer@hartnell.edu
Alex Stoykov 8312295781 Instructor Computer Sciences & Information Systems 1 - Hartnell College Main Campus astoykov@hartnell.edu