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Faculty and Staff Personal Home Pages

First Name Last Namesort descending Ext Position Area Location Email
Maya Watson English Instructor English D - College Administration (North) mwatson@hartnell.edu
Andy Watt Head Softball Athletics H - Main Gym awatt@hartnell.edu
Jutta West (831) 755-6712 Records Evaluator Enrollment B - Student Services jwest@hartnell.edu
Cristina Westfall 831-755-6810 or 770-7025 Administrative Assistant II Advanced Technology & Applied Science 2 - Hartnell College Alisal Campus cwestfall@hartnell.edu
Nancy Wheat 831-755-6881 Biology Instructor Math, Science & Engineering S - STEM Center Building nwheat@hartnell.edu
Janeen Whitmore 831-770-6141 Nursing Faculty & Flex Coordinator Nursing & Allied Health jwhitmore@hartnell.edu
Virginia Williams 831-770-6143 Nursing Faculty Nursing & Allied Health B - Student Services vwilliams@hartnell.edu
La'Quana Williams, MPH 831-770-6154 Manager, Salinas Valley Health Professions Pathway Partnership Nursing & Allied Health A - Library/Learning Resource Center (LRC) lwilliams@hartnell.edu
Tony Wilson 831-755-6119 Library Technician A - Library/Learning Resource Center (LRC) twilson@hartnell.edu
Ann Wright 831-770-6112 Instructor Biological Science N - Merrill Hall AWright@hartnell.edu
Mohammed Yahdi (831) 755-6922 Mathematics Math, Science & Engineering moyahdi@gmail.com
Lawrence Yee 831-755-6887 Chemistry Instructor Math, Science & Engineering N - Merrill Hall lyee@hartnell.edu
Yesenia Zamora 831-755-6806 Financial Aid Technician B - Student Services yzamora@hartnell.edu
Andrea Zarate 831-755-6885 Early Childhood Instructor Early Childhood Education J - Visual Arts azarate@hartnell.edu
Laura Zavala 831-759-6046 College Pathways Coordinator Student Affairs B - Student Services lzavala@hartnell.edu
Christopher Zepeda 831-755-6845 Head Cross Country & Track and Field Coach/Health Instructor Athletics H - Main Gym czepeda@hartnell.edu
Sivina Zepeda 831-755-6760 Specialist Student Affairs B - Student Services szepeda@hartnell.edu