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Faculty and Staff Personal Home Pages

First Namesort descending Last Name Ext Position Area Location Email
Debra Kaczmar, PhD-c, RN, CNE 831-770-6146 Dean of Academic Affairs, Nursing and Allied Health B - Student Services dkaczmar@hartnell.edu
Delia S. Edeza 831-755-6916 Administrative Assistant III Learning Support and Resources A - Library/Learning Resource Center (LRC) dedeza@hartnell.edu
Denyss Estrada (831) 755-6820 Title V Grant STEM & Early Support Program Student Affairs B - Student Services destrada@hartnell.edu
Diana Maceira 831-759-6054 Assessment Technician Student Affairs B - Student Services dmaceira@hartnell.edu
Dina Uribe 831-755-6800 Administrative Assistant II 1 - Hartnell College Main Campus duribe@hartnell.edu
Dominic Gregorio Instructor Biological Science 3 - King City Education Center dgregorio@hartnell.edu
Dr. Pauline Braginton, Ph.D Math Instructor Mathematics 1 - Hartnell College Main Campus pbraginton@hartnell.edu
Elisa Lepine Interim Administrative Assistant E - College Administration (South) elepine@hartnell.edu
Elizabeth Gonzalez (831) 759-6082 TRiO and Dreamers Counselor Student Affairs D - College Administration (North) elgonzalez@hartnell.edu
Elsa Brisson 831-753-7071 Adjunct Family and Consumer Sciences and Health Education Math, Science & Engineering 1 - Hartnell College Main Campus ebrisson@hartnell.edu
Emily Brandt BSRT, RRT-NPS 831-770-6157 Clinical Coordinator/Instructor Respiratory Care Practitioner 1 - Hartnell College Main Campus ebrandt@hartnell.edu
Eric Castillo Assistant Linebackers Coach Athletics
Eric Becerra 831-770-7070 HEP Director Student Affairs 2 - Hartnell College Alisal Campus ebecerra@hartnell.edu
Erica Ruano 831-770-6195 Accounting Assistant E - College Administration (South) eruano@hartnell.edu
Ernesto Rodriguez 831-386-7141 Program Assistant II Student Success 3 - King City Education Center erodriguez@hartnell.edu
Esmeralda (Montenegro) Owen 831-755-6810 Director of Communications E - College Administration (South) emontenegro@hartnell.edu
Eva Diaz 831 759-6013 TRiO Administrative Assistant Student Affairs D - College Administration (North) ediaz@hartnell.edu
Frances Gutierrez (831) 755-6709 Program Assistant D - College Administration (North) fgutierr@hartnell.edu