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Faculty and Staff Personal Home Pages

First Name Last Name Ext Position Areasort descending Location Email
Laura Warren 831-755-6995 Executive Assistant 1 - Hartnell College Main Campus lwarren@hartnell.edu
Miriam Vazquez-Gonzalez 831.755.6723 Program Assistant D - College Administration (North) mvazquez@hartnell.edu
Belinda Saechao-Jimmeye, MPH 831-770-6148 Program Assistant II B - Student Services bsaechao@hartnell.edu
Paul Luciano 831-755-6996 Budget and Grants Accountant E - College Administration (South) pluciano@hartnell.edu
Mariana Jimenez 831.755.6807 Childcare Coordinator D - College Administration (North) mjimenez@hartnell.edu
Renee Garcia-Tolson Academic Support Specialist-English/ESL 1 - Hartnell College Main Campus regarcia@hartnell.edu
Lucy Trafton 831-755-6700 B - Student Services mtrafton@hartnell.edu
Alejandra Carrillo (831) 759-6007 Program Assistant acarrillo@hartnell.edu
Esmeralda (Montenegro) Owen 831-755-6810 Director of Communications E - College Administration (South) emontenegro@hartnell.edu
Maria Schlotthauer 831-755-6909 Veterans Certifying Official C - Student Center mschlotthauer@hartnell.edu
David Techaira 831-755-6835 Grants and Accounting Manager 1 - Hartnell College Main Campus dtechair@hartnell.edu
Erica Ruano 831-770-6195 Accounting Assistant E - College Administration (South) eruano@hartnell.edu
Lourdes Sanchez (831) 755-6960 Division Administrative Assistant III 2 - Hartnell College Alisal Campus lsanchez@hartnell.edu
Frances Gutierrez (831) 755-6709 Program Assistant D - College Administration (North) fgutierr@hartnell.edu
Gemma Uribe-Cruz 831-759-6058 Veterans Counselor 1 - Hartnell College Main Campus guribe@hartnell.edu
Suzie Payne 831-755-6752 Controller 1 - Hartnell College Main Campus spayne@hartnell.edu
Terri Ugale 831.755.6810 Executive Assistant E - College Administration (South) tugale@hartnell.edu
Deb Pyle 770-7034 MESA S - STEM Center Building dpyle@hartnell.edu