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Faculty and Staff Personal Home Pages

First Name Last Namesort descending Ext Position Area Location Email
Esmeralda (Montenegro) Owen 831-755-6810 Director of Communications E - College Administration (South) emontenegro@hartnell.edu
Larry Adams 831-755-6778 Political Science Instructor Political Science ladams@hartnell.edu
Lawrence Adams III 831-755-6778 Instructor Political Science E - College Administration (South) ladams@hartnell.edu
Mitzi Alexander EOPS/CARE Counselor Student Success 1 - Hartnell College Main Campus malexander@hartnell.edu
Moises Almandariz HSI Director
Kristen Arps Professional Expert Agriculture Business & Technology Institute 2 - Hartnell College Alisal Campus karps@hartnell.edu
Isaura Arreguin (831)770-7070 HEP Administrative Assistant Student Affairs 2 - Hartnell College Alisal Campus iarreguin@hartnell.edu
Sonia Arteaga 831-755-6741 CSS Instructor Computer Sciences & Information Systems 2 - Hartnell College Alisal Campus sarteaga@hartnell.edu
Robert Barminski 831-770-7056 Geology/Oceanography Instructor Math, Science & Engineering 1 - Hartnell College Main Campus rbarminski@hartnell.edu
Amy Barret-Burnett 831-755-6760 DSP&S Counselor Student Affairs B - Student Services aburnett@hartnell.edu
Eric Becerra 831-770-7070 HEP Director Student Affairs 2 - Hartnell College Alisal Campus ebecerra@hartnell.edu
Slava Bekker 831-759-6005 Math, Science & Engineering N - Merrill Hall sbekker@hartnell.edu
Manuel Bersamin 831 759-6036 Director, Student Support Services/TRiO Program Student Affairs D - College Administration (North) mbersami@hartnell.edu
Lindsey Bertomen 831-755-6742 Instructor, Administration for Justice Administration of Justice lbertomen@hartnell.edu
Joni Black 831-755-6882 Biology Laboratory Technician Math, Science & Engineering N - Merrill Hall jblack@hartnell.edu
Shannon Bliss ​831.755-6875 Dean of Academic Affairs- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Math, Science & Engineering S - STEM Center Building sbliss@hartnell.edu
Brian Brady 831-755-6905 ESL Instructor Languages & Fine Arts bbrady@hartnell.edu
Dr. Pauline Braginton, Ph.D Math Instructor Mathematics 1 - Hartnell College Main Campus pbraginton@hartnell.edu