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Faculty and Staff Personal Home Pages

First Name Last Namesort descending Ext Position Area Location Email
Stanley Crane 831-755-6868 Title V Activity Director E - College Administration (South) scrane@hartnell.edu
Norma Isela Cuevas 831.759.6007 Counselor/ Transfer and Career Center Coordinator Counseling Instruction C - Student Center ncuevas@hartnell.edu
Michael Davis 831-755-6964 Welding Instructor / Department Head Welding Technology Alisal Campus - Building B mldavis@hartnell.edu
Mary Davis 831-770-6153 Nursing Faculty Nursing & Allied Health B - Student Services mdavis@hartnell.edu
Mark Dehart 831-770-7057 Advanced Diesel Technology Advanced Diesel Technology Alisal Campus - Building D mdehart@hartnell.edu
Eva Diaz 831 759-6013 TRiO Administrative Assistant Student Affairs D - College Administration (North) ediaz@hartnell.edu
Kayla Dolan 831-755-6996 Accounting Assistant kdolan@hartnell.edu
Mary Dominguez (831) 755-6714 Appointments can be made by contacting my Administrative Assistant, Yvonne Carreon Dean of Student Affairs/Enrollment Services Enrollment B - Student Services mdomingu@hartnell.edu
Keith Ducote Adjunct Instructor of Geography Geography N - Merrill Hall kducote@hartnell.edu
Barbara Durham 831-770-6151 Nursing Faculty Nursing & Allied Health B - Student Services bdurham@hartnell.edu
Barbara Durham, DNP, RN, CNE Office: 831-770-6151 Cell: 831-809-5581 Nursing Faculty Nursing & Allied Health 1 - Hartnell College Main Campus bdurham@hartnell.edu
Alexander Edens Professor of Biological Sciences Math, Science & Engineering N - Merrill Hall AEdens@hartnell.edu
Alexander Edens (831) 770-7055 Instructor Biological Science N - Merrill Hall aedens@hartnell.edu
Delia S. Edeza 831-755-6916 Administrative Assistant III Learning Support and Resources A - Library/Learning Resource Center (LRC) dedeza@hartnell.edu
Parviz Entekhabi 831 755-6966 Instructor; Engineering /CAD Drafting Technology 2 - Hartnell College Alisal Campus pentekhabi@hartnell.edu
Tina Esparza (831) 770-6170 Economics Instructor Economics 1 - Hartnell College Main Campus cesparza-luna@hartnell.edu
Denyss Estrada (831) 755-6820 Title V Grant STEM & Early Support Program Student Affairs B - Student Services destrada@hartnell.edu
Steve Ettinger 755-6906 Instructor Music settinger@hartnell.edu