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Faculty and Staff Personal Home Pages

First Name Last Namesort descending Ext Position Area Location Email
Jon Hubbard --- Biology Instructor Math, Science & Engineering N - Merrill Hall jhubbard@hartnell.edu
Jeffery Hughey 831-770-7054 Instructor of Biology Biological Science N - Merrill Hall jhughey@hartnell.edu
Mohammad Tarek Hussain 1-831-770-7052 Mathematics 1 - Hartnell College Main Campus mhussain@hartnell.edu
Romero Jalomo 755-6855 Vice President of Student Affairs Student Affairs B - Student Services rjalomo@hartnell.edu
Hortencia Jimenez 831.770-6182 Sociology Professor Social and Behavioral Sciences E - College Administration (South) hjimenez@hartnell.edu
Mariana Jimenez 831.755.6807 Childcare Coordinator D - College Administration (North) mjimenez@hartnell.edu
Daniel Jimmeye 831-755-6869 Multimedia Technician A - Library/Learning Resource Center (LRC) djimmeye@hartnell.edu
Langston Johnson 1 - Hartnell College Main Campus ljohnson@haartnell.edu
Carla Johnson (831) 755-6890 Early Support Program Student Affairs 1 - Hartnell College Main Campus cjohnson@hartnell.edu
Brenda Jones 831-759-6029 Program Assistant II - College Pathways Team and Early Support Program Student Affairs 1 - Hartnell College Main Campus bjones@hartnell.edu
Debra Kaczmar, PhD-c, RN, CNE 831-770-6146 Dean of Academic Affairs, Nursing and Allied Health B - Student Services dkaczmar@hartnell.edu
Daniel Kaplan (831) 809.9086 Human Physiology Instructor Biological Science N - Merrill Hall dkaplan@hartnell.edu
Jennifer Kato Adjunct Biological Science 1 - Hartnell College Main Campus jkato@hartnell.edu
Kimberly Kessler 831-386-7100 Administrative Assistant III South County Education Services 3 - King City Education Center kkessler@hartnell.edu
Lori Kildal, Ph.D. 831-770−7091 Vice President of Academic Affairs/Accreditation Liaison Officer General D - College Administration (North) lkildal@hartnell.edu
Carol Kimbrough, MA, MFT 831-755-6856 Instructor, Psychology; Clinical Supervisor, Crisis Counseling Services; Former Curriculum Chair; Past-president, Academic Senate Social and Behavioral Sciences D - College Administration (North) ckimbrough@hartnell.edu
Kenneth Laird 831.759.6047 Director of Public Safety & Emergency Management E - College Administration (South) klaird@hartnell.edu
Amy Lehman 831-755-6760 ext 7012 Director of Student Affairs, DSPS Student Affairs B - Student Services alehman@hartnell.edu