Faculty & Staff Personal Pages

Faculty and Staff Personal Page Listings

First Name Last Name Ext Position Area Location Email
Lori Kildal, Ph.D. 831-770−7091 Vice President of Academic Affairs/Accreditation Liaison Officer General D - College Administration (North) lkildal@hartnell.edu
Louann Raras (831) 770-6166; FAX: (831) 755-6937 Human Resources Specialist D - College Administration (North) lraras@hartnell.edu
Lourdes Sanchez 831-755-7960 Administrative Assistant III Advanced Technology & Applied Science Hartnell College Alisal Campus lsanchez@hartnell.edu
Lourdes Sanchez (831) 755-6960 Division Administrative Assistant III Hartnell College Alisal Campus lsanchez@hartnell.edu
Lucy Trafton 831-755-6700 B - Student Services mtrafton@hartnell.edu
Maggie Melone-Echiburu (831) 755-6970 Director K-12 STEM Programs Math, Science & Engineering Hartnell College Alisal Campus mmelone@hartnell.edu
Mai Ryuno Art mryuno@hartnell.edu
Marco Riggillo 831-755-6865 Operations and Maintenance L - Maintenance, Operations and Receiving mriggillo@hartnell.edu
Margaret (Peggy) Mayfield 831-755-6898 Technical Services & Lead Librarian Library Science A - Library/Learning Resource Center (LRC) mmayfield@hartnell.edu
Maria DeLeon 755-7985 Advanced Technology & Applied Science Alisal Campus - Building A mdeleon@hartnell.edu
Maria Schlotthauer 831-755-6909 Veterans Certifying Official C - Student Center mschlotthauer@hartnell.edu
Mariana Jimenez 831.755.6807 Childcare Coordinator D - College Administration (North) mjimenez@hartnell.edu
Mariana Torres-Jimenez Downie (831)755-6796 Administrative Assistant II D - College Administration (North) mdownie@hartnell.edu
Marina Reyes 831-755-6711 Enrollment Services Specialist Student Affairs B - Student Services mreyes@hartnell.edu
Mark Dehart 831-770-7057 Advanced Diesel Technology Advanced Diesel Technology Alisal Campus - Building D mdehart@hartnell.edu
Marlene Tapia 831 755-6860 EOPS Specialist Student Affairs mtapia@hartnell.edu
Martha Suarez 831-770-6104 Admin. Assistant III E - College Administration (South) msuarez@hartnell.edu
Mary Ann Toney 831-320-7288 Head Women's Basketball Coach Physical Education H - Main Gym mtoney@hartnell.edu