Faculty & Staff Personal Pages

Faculty and Staff Personal Page Listings

First Name Last Name Ext Position Areasort descending Location Email
Erica Ruano 831-770-6195 Accounting Assistant E - College Administration (South) eruano@hartnell.edu
Alejandra Carrillo (831) 759-6007 Program Assistant acarrillo@hartnell.edu
Adriana Gonzalez Sebastian 831-755-6723 Program Assistant Hartnell College Main Campus agonzalezsebastian@hartnell.edu
Terri-Jean Pyer 831-755-6706 Associate Vice President of Human Resources and Equal Employment Opportunity D - College Administration (North) tpyer@hartnell.edu
Lucy Trafton 831-755-6700 B - Student Services mtrafton@hartnell.edu
Miriam Contreras 755-5091 D - College Administration (North) mcontreras@hartnell.edu
Maria Schlotthauer 831-755-6909 Veterans Certifying Official C - Student Center mschlotthauer@hartnell.edu
Benjamin Figueroa 831-755-6914 Vice President of Administrative Services Hartnell College Main Campus bfigueroa@hartnell.edu
Elizabeth Cabiles 831-770-7050 Cooperative Work Experience Instructor Hartnell College Alisal Campus ecabiles@hartnell.edu
Moises Almandariz HSI Director
Sonja Lolland Ed.D. 831-770−7092 Vice President of Academic Affairs D - College Administration (North) slolland@hartnell.edu
Tony Wilson 831-755-6119 Library Technician A - Library/Learning Resource Center (LRC) twilson@hartnell.edu
Karen Martinez 831-755-6997 Accounting Technician Hartnell College Main Campus
Suzie Payne 831-755-6752 Controller Hartnell College Main Campus spayne@hartnell.edu
Lourdes Sanchez (831) 755-6960 Division Administrative Assistant III Hartnell College Alisal Campus lsanchez@hartnell.edu
Bronwyn Moreno (831) 770-6126 Director of Student Affairs, Special Programs Hartnell College Main Campus bmoreno@hartnell.edu
Frances Gutierrez (831) 755-6709 Program Assistant D - College Administration (North) fgutierr@hartnell.edu
Willard Lewallen, Ph.D. 831-755-6700 Superintendent/President E - College Administration (South) wlewallen@hartnell.edu