Review questions for Physiology Laboratory (Biology 6L)

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This page contains review questions for the topics of the course. These review questions were collected from many sources, including the laboratory manual for our course, review questions from other courses, and from various sources on the internet. To obtain the review questions for a topic, click on the topic. Each set of review questions is a Microsoft Word document.

These review questions will not be collected and there are no points awarded for answering them. Answering them, however, will let you know how well you understand the material and therefore help you prepare for the exams and quizzes. Furthermore, a portion of the final exam will be review questions selected from this collection.



Unit conversion factors


Metric system


Math review


Diffusion and Osmosis


Glucose determination


Protein determination




Digestive histology


Digestive enzymes


Hearing and equilibrium senses


Vision sense


Olfactory and taste senses




Blood pressure


Exercise physiology


Heart sounds


Red Blood Cell counts


Blood clotting


White blood cell counts


Immunology/AIDS ELISA


Blood typing




Respiration and pH


Renal regulation of fluid/electrolyte balance


Clinical examination of urine