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Welcome to the Homepage for Dr. Jeffery Hughey
Greetings! I teach the following courses at Hartnell College:

Biology 3- General Botany
Biology 5- Human Anatomy
Biology 10- General Biology
Biology 13- Introduction to Forensic DNA Analysis
Biology 30- Marine Biology
Biology 42- Human Biology

Educational Background
Ph.D.- University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
M.A.- Sonoma State University, California
B.A.- Sonoma State University, California
A.A.- Grossmont Community College

Teaching Experience
Acting Instructor of Medicine- University of Washington, Seattle.
Senior Fellow- University of Washington, Seattle.
Visiting Assistant Professor of Botany- University of Washington, Friday Harbor Labs.

Contact Information
Name:   Dr. Jeffery Hughey
Title:   Biology Instructor
Email:   jhughey@hartnell.edu
Web Site:   http://www.hartnell.cc.ca.us/faculty/jhughey/course_doc.htm
Office Location:   Merrill 14
Office Hours:   Refer to my Web Site
Phone:   (831) 770-7054