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Adjunct/Full-time Faculty Resources

Welcome to Hartnell College! We are glad you have become a member of our faculty, serving as an instructor this semester. Each instructor brings his or her unique knowledge, experience, and skills into the classroom, offering our students a rich learning opportunity. As a faculty member, you are invited to participate in shared governance and professional development opportunities. This web page has been created to support your work.

What You Need to Know About Administrative Paperwork and Professional Responsibilities
These links provide information about administrative procedures, reporting requirements, parking and payroll. There is also an adjunct faculty time sheet available for download.

What You Need to Know About Class Management and Student Paperwork
Policies and procedures for classroom management, deadlines, final exams and access to course rosters.

What You Need to Know About Services Available to Support Student Success
Learn more about library, counseling, DSPS, Financial Aid and additional student support services at Hartnell College.

What You Need to Know About Campus Programs and Services
Learn about faculty shared governance roles, available administrative and bookstore services, the Hartnell Athletic Program, and how to locate people and places on campus.

What You Need to Know About Faculty Teaching and Learning Resources
The following links provide access to information about accessing and making use of campus technology, classroom administration, instructional best practices, syllabus creation, and course design.