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Dr. Melissa Hornstein
Engineering Instructor

BS Electrical and Computer Engineering (Rutgers), MS Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (MIT), PhD Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (MIT)

Engineering is problem solving. Problems that affect our every day lives. One of the major problems facing our generation is sustainability. Instead of just worrying about global warming, as an engineer you can actually do something to change it! If I could, I would like to convert every student to engineering. Engineering isn't necessarily just buildings, bridges, and cars. Engineering is also designing prosthetics for soldiers returning from war, making a formula for organic cosmetics, and designing a rollercoaster experience at Disneyland that can accommodate more people.

Engineering is also a career that will never go out of fashion. In times like these, as an engineer you will always have a job. Why? Because you will be a critical thinker. Your mind will be trained to solve any workplace problem, even if the position isn't in engineering. (Employers love to hire engineers above anyone else.)

If you want to know if engineering is for you, please email me or just drop by. My office hours are listed below, however please know I am here a lot, and if my door is open, I am available and happy to talk to you!

Spring 2014 classes I am teaching:

I am advisor to the following clubs:

Visit the Hartnell Engineering website for more information on engineering.
Melissa Hornstein

Location: Merrill 21

Phone: 831-755-6889

E-mail: mhornstein@hartnell.edu

Office Hours: Th 3-4pm, F 12-2pm, and by appointment.