Lab Handouts:

Lab 1 (Jan 23) - Scientific Method, Metric System
Laboratory Information - READ THIS!! Print for notebook.
Handout - Print & read before lab!
Handout - This one too!
Assignment: Visionlearning - The Metric System. Read & take quiz Extra Credit!
Assignment: Visionlearning - Unit Conversion. Read & take quiz Extra Credit!

Lab 2 (Jan 30) - Natural Selection

Lab 3 (Feb 6) - Observational Techniques

Labs 4 & 5 (Feb 13 & 20) - Prey Choice by Guppies

Lab 6 & 7 (Feb 27 & March 6) - Estimation of population size in snails

Lab 8 (March 13) - Investigation of Owl Pellets

Lab 9 & 10 (March 20 & 27) - Community Structure in Birds
If you are having trouble with the link for statistics within the document, try this one!
Elkhorn Slough Field Trip - Directions: Travel north on Rt 1. Pass the smoke stacks in Moss Landing, go over bridge (this is the mouth of the slough). You will pass a kayak rental place on left. Turn left onto Jetty Road - Moss Landing State Beach. Park along side of road near entrance. We will watch birds near the bridge just after you turn onto Jetty. We will meet at 11:30. Dress warmly and wear appropriate shoes - it may be a bit muddy. Bring the handout.

Lab 11 (April 3) - Biodiversity Lab

Lab 12 (April 10) - Forest of Nisene Marks
Drive north on Hwy 1. In Aptos, use the State Park Drive exit from Hwy 1. Go east on State Park Drive to Soquel Drive. Turn right on Soquel Drive. Go 1 mile to Aptos Creek Road. Turn left on Aptos Creek Road (Aptos Center) into the park (a couple of miles). Park in the first parking area near the park entrance - there is an info/parking kiosk there - usually no one there.
Map to Park
Trail Map

April 17 - SPRING BREAK!

Lab 13 (April 24) - Liebig's Barrel & Limiting Nutrients

Lab 14 (May 1) - Island Biogeography
Class Data!

Lab 15 (May 8) - Intertidal Adaptations

Lab 16 (May 15) - Succession in Sand Dunes
Drive south on Hwy 1. Exit Reservation road. Turn right. Park in the lot at the end of the road. We will meet there.

Lab 17 (May 22) - Climate Change Lab