Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my financial aid check?

Please make sure to review the Disbursement Schedule posted under Financial Aid Dates and Deadlines. If your file is complete prior to the dates listed for Pell Grant Lists 1 or 2, you will receive 50% of your Pell Grant on the dates listed in the Disbursement Schedule. Your will receive your remaining Pell Grant with the 3rd Pell Grant List. 

If your file complete date is after those dates you will receive your Pell grant in a single check based on the Disbursement Schedule. 

Your financial aid eligibility will be based on your enrollment on census date (see important dates above). No other adjustments will be made to your aid unless you withdraw from all classes. If your financial aid is processed after census date it will be based on your enrollment at that time. 

You should never cash a financial aid check if you are not attending classes. Contact the Financial Aid Office immediately to discuss your situation. If you drop all your units or do not attend class you may owe money to the Department of Education and to Hartnell, and this could prevent you from getting any financial aid at other schools.

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