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Important Scholarship News and Updates

January 26th, 2007

A few scholarships have separate requirements and application forms, either different from or in addition to the main scholarship application form. Be sure to follow the instructions for these SPECIAL OPPORTUNITIES.

We will post these opportunities as they become available. Check our bulletin boards for these special forms or call the scholarship office and leave a message at 755-6811.

Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics Scholarship
  • Fill out main on-line application and include in your application materials a copy of your class schedule. Your letter
  • DEADLINE: February 15, 2007

    Karl S. Pister Leadership Opportunity Scholarship, for transfer to UC Santa Cruz ( this is a $20,000 two-year scholarship)
  • Separate application required, available in Room C107.
  • DEADLINE: February 9, 2007

    Nursing scholarships
  • Click here for more up-to-date information concerning Nursing Scholarships.