Frequently Asked Questions

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After the scholarship committees have reviewed applications, students will be notified by mail 
if they have been selected as a recipient, or not.
If students are selected for a Hartnell College scholarship, the recipient will be asked to write a thank you letter to the donor and submit it to the Scholarship Office in order to receive their award.
Students are not required to provide transcripts in order to apply for Hartnell College Scholarships. 
Hartnell College transcripts are obtained by the Scholarship Office.
High school seniors will need to provide a copy of their high school transcripts (official/unoffcial) when applying for the Hartnell College Scholarships Program.
Applications will be available at the Scholarship Office, located in the Admissions & Records/Financial Aid area. Students may also download and print an application from our website: 
  • Students must be enrolled in at least 9 units and also maintain 2.7 GPA, or better, during the academic year.
  • One page personal statement
  • One letter of recommendation
The general application for Hartnell College scholarships is available every fall semester. Be sure to look for advertising around campus and on the website; both will detail the deadline date, application workshop dates and where to submit the application packet. 
Hartnell College scholarships, and other scholarship information, are available on the website: . Various scholarship information posted on the website have a different criteria; be sure to read requirements in order to apply. The Scholarship Office may also have available hardcopy applications for these various scholarships.
If students have questions regarding scholarships, please visit the Scholarship Office located in the
Student Services Building: B-121, or visit our website at for more information.

The fines charged vary by type of materials. Check the Fines and Fees tab of our Borrowing Policies page for specifics.