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The SARS student appointment system currently used by the college has an online component called eSARS which allows for students to make appointments online in the areas of counseling, assessment, and orientation. This will make scheduling appointments more convenient for students, and eliminate the need for staff to manually enter appointments into the SARS system.


01/23/15: The counseling department is working with IT staff to fine-tune the online counseling appointment system. The system is expected to go-live the last week in January. Work will then begin on offering online appointments for the assessment office.

12/01/14: The online counseling appointment system is configured and is currently undergoing a pilot phase. ITR staff is working with counseling department to monitor progress on the testing. A go-live date is scheduled for the winter break.

03/28/14: Phase 1 of the project, online counseling appointments, is almost completed. Reason codes and setup parameters have been defined by the counseling department, and ITR staff is working to implement the recommendations. A student e-mail template is in the creation process, and once completed, the system will be tested and implemented.

03/14/14: The eSARS server has been created, and work is now underway to brand the appointment making web pages with Hartnell's parameters. Phase 1 of the project is to implement online counseling appointments, and ITR is now working with the counseling department to identify parameters such as counseling appointment reasons, confirmation e-mail formats, and various other configuration items. Once these customizations are completed, students will be able to make counseling appointments online, and work will begin on the assessment and orientation phases of the project.

Hartnell has undertaken a year-long project to implement Oracle's Taleo HR suite. Taleo's product offerings primarily focus on talent acquisition (recruitment), performance management and learning and development. These capabilities combine to provide an enhanced level of insight into candidates and employees. The goals of the Taleo project are to increase the speed and efficiency of attracting and hiring talented instructional and administrative professionals, to provide better management tools for employee career path development and goals, employee reviews, and professional development.


01/25/15: The first module of the Taleo suite, a Software as a Service offering, was configured and is nearly ready to be tested and rolled out to assist in the process of receiving, tracking and managing prospective employees through Hartnell's hiring process. There is still work to be completed for a small companion module called Onboarding. The Spring Forward project and a series of new hires has slowed the progress of the project, but it still continues to move forward with an anticipated launch of the two modules by late spring/early summer. The second module, Talent Management, will then follow during summer 2015 with completion expected by Fall 2015

Hartnell has undertaken a year-long project to upgrade the Ellucian Colleague ERP system, and to improve and provide more effective usage of the system. The goals of the Spring Forward project are many: to upgrade the database technology from a Unidata database on Unix to a modern SQL database on Microsoft SQL Server, to improve processes in use by the functional areas across the campus, to enhance the student's self-service experience, to implement a central portal for use by faculty, staff, and students, and to automate sign-on into various third-party systems using just one set of credentials.

Ellucian Colleague Website

Spring Forward Contract

Spring Forward Action Plan


01/26/15: The Colleague system was successfully migrated from Unidata to SQL the first week of the new year. Users validated the migration for two days, and then the system was opened to the public on January 7th as scheduled. There were many urgent programming requests once the new system went live, mostly related to processes that were not fully tested beforehand. Hartnell and Ellucian staff were providing support around the clock during the first week, allowing for rapid problem resolution.

The Colleague software is now running on the new SQL system, which will allow the district to offer enhanced services to students, faculty, and staff - services such as automated degree audits, self-service degree planning, a mobile application, and many other services related to student success.

12/31/14: Several successful migrations have been performed, and users have tested the new SQL system. The final migration will start tomorrow and be completed by Jan. 4 at 8 am. At that time staff will test and validate the system, which will go-live Jan. 7 at 8 am. IT and Ellucian staff will be on hand to provide support and fix any problems that arise.

09/29/14: Work is ongoing on data migration to the new SQL system. A second data migration has been completed successfully, and users will begin testing the new SQL version of the system. Custom programming is continuing to be performed, with the goal of converting Hartnell's custom code to the enVision system.

A second test of the chart of accounts conversion is being performed, and the hardware for the new portal system is being built this week.

07/21/14: A new Operational Data Store (ODS) server was created and the ODS system was initialized with a beginning set of data transformed from our production database. The ODS database will refresh overnight each day, providing a base for reporting with the Cognos reporting platform.

ITR programmers, in conjunction with Ellucian programmers are converting Hartnell's custom code for use with the new SQL environment. ITR and campus staff continues to work on the new security model, the chart of accounts conversion, and cleanup of old data that is incompatible with the new SQL system.

07/07/14: The student planner was successfully implemented with the initial rollout making it available to counselors. Shortly the planner will be made available to students for self-service through the PAWS system.

ITR has created a new WebAdvisor (PAWS) server, and once testing is completed, it will be placed into production. The goal is to increase performance of registration and web services during peak loads. More memory has been ordered for the Colleague database server to increase performance as well.

A test run of the chart of accounts conversion was performed and results were positive - several million records were converted with less than 50 errors. Another test run is scheduled in the August time frame.

Work is ongoing to convert custom code to the SQL environment, implement the new security model, and cleanup of old data.

06/20/14: Final touches were made to the new student planner, and counselor training will take place the 24th of June. The student planner is scheduled to go live on July 15.

The finance team continued working on the Chart of Accounts conversion, and collaborated with the student team working on the consolidation of accounts receivable types.

ITR met with functional teams regarding the security remodel. The functional areas are beginning work to identify and create personas and roles for use in the new security model. System administration work on patches and upgrades continued as usual.

06/06/14: Work was performed to setup the new Colleague user interface on computers in Student Affairs, Academic Affairs and the Finance department. Security classes were created for counselor access to the student planning module, and work was ongoing on program checking in the Degree Audit module. System Administration tasks were performed to bring production and development instances up to current releases, and work is ongoing on the Unidata to SQL migration.

05/30/14: A new WebAdvisor server was created based on the results of the registration health check. It will be tested and implemented during the month of June. Work is ongoing on the code conversion and data cleanup for the Unidata to SQL conversion. A schedule was set for the data cleanup work to be completed by June 13, and a code conversion deadline was set for early August.

05/23/14: The ITR team had training this week on the new Colleague security model. Meetings will occur this week with the functional areas to develop security classes and personas. Also, an Ellucian consultant has been secured for an initial system administration discovery engagement.

The finance team met with the Cognos reporting team for a Cognos reporting overview and to define the finance reporting requirements.

The HR team met for a consulting follow-up and critical HR conversion time lines were defined.

The finance, student, and financial aid teams met with a consultant to finalize the consolidation of the two separate student receivables.

05/16/14: A cross-functional team was established to focus on the task of combining student receivables accounts in the finance system. Work continues on the Unidata to SQL migration. Work began on a restructuring of Colleague security, with the goal of implementing a functional manager based approach to security maintenance. Work is ongoing for the Unidata to SQL migration, and the project team is investigating the use of a consultant to perform system administration tasks on the current Unidata system.

05/09/14: The student planner team met and worked on determining counselor workflow and procedures, and work began on setting up the student planner in the production instance of Colleague. A registration health check was conducted, and two issues were discovered - an underpowered web server, and a disk I/O problem on the Sun Solaris server. Work is underway to mitigate these problems, and once resolved, the registration health check will continue.

05/02/14: The HR team had a consulting engagement this week, covering topics such as web-time entry, absence tracking, position control, and HR best practices. Web-time entry will rollout in the summer with a small pilot group including student workers, adjunct counseling, and the ITR department. Work continues on the Unidata to SQL migration, and the ITR team began the planning for a registration health check to stress-test the registration system.

04/25/14: This week the student planner team met and discussed the final steps for going live with the new student planning module. The team decided on a summer rollout near the beginning of the summer term. Work is ongoing for the Unidata to SQL migration, focusing on data cleanup from the trial conversion, and identifying Hartnell custom code and forms that need to be converted. The core project team also met this week to discuss issues and problems related to the project. The HR team met to discuss the upcoming HR consulting engagement.

04/18/14: The finance team met and continued working on the chart of accounts crosswalk document. The degree audit team continues to meet verifying accuracy of degree audits. Student Services and Academic Affairs are working together to finalize plans for Degree Audit and Student Planner rollout.

ITR reviewed Colleague security and determined a new security model is needed and will investigate options for revamping security. Investigation into system administration and SQL conversion support continues.

Due to a change in schedule entry procedures, many secondary schedule processes were not showing correct information. The project met and determined a solution and implemented the solution. A follow-up meeting will occur to verify results.

04/11/14: The Spring Forward Project Team met and discussed roles, responsibilities, and intersections. Student Planning meetings are beginning regarding next steps. ITR continues to meet weekly to review SQL migration progress. In HR, consulting sessions finalized the new hire process.

Consulting help is being investigated to help with Colleague system administration and custom code conversion. Degree Audit continues to meet weekly to review program audits for accuracy.

04/04/14: ITR is working on data error corrections from the test SQL migration, preparing for the second test migration. Work on scripts to create the catalog and schedule has begun.

Academic Affairs completed training on schedule and catalog entry, and met with Student Affairs and Human Resources regarding best practices for integrated data entry.

The Finance department continues to work on creating an account number cross-walk for the new chart of accounts.

03/28/14: A test migration of Colleague data from Unidata to Microsoft SQL Server was completed successfully. The migration produced reports which ITR staff will review and make error corrections, preparing for the next test migration.

Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, and ITR staff completed training on the new Student Planner self-service module, and work will begin on the module's setup. Setup work includes curriculum track creation, validation tables modifications, and branding for the Hartnell look-and-feel.

The Finance staff is working on the merging of student receivables, and is also putting the finishing touches on the new chart of accounts.

Training classes for ITR staff are being procured in the areas of security best practices, the new Colleague database schema, and database maintenance.

03/21/14: Degree Audit and Student Planner are being prepared for implementation, work is ongoing in the areas of human resources and academic affairs. Training for the setup of the new chart of accounts was completed in the Finance department, and work will begin finalizing the structure of the new chart. Training was also provided in the area of student account receivables.

A test migration from Unidata to SQL will occur during the last week of March. Storage space has been added to the development system and work is underway to add storage to the production system to facilitate the data conversion.

03/14/14: The Human Resources department began training on the Web Time Entry module in Colleague, and a review of HR business practices was performed with the intent of implementing the workflow and communications modules.

Financial Aid consulting is ongoing, with areas such as the 150% federal budget rules, California Dream Act processing, and general problem resolution.

You may check out a laptop at the Computer and Media Services desk for library use only with a signed Laptop Loan Agreement on file.

Your initial sign on password is your eight digit date of birth (mmddyyyy).  No dashes or slashes



After the scholarship committees have reviewed applications, students will be notified by mail 
if they have been selected as a recipient, or not.
If students are selected for a Hartnell College scholarship, the recipient will be asked to write a thank you letter to the donor and submit it to the Scholarship Office in order to receive their award.
Students are not required to provide transcripts in order to apply for Hartnell College Scholarships. 
Hartnell College transcripts are obtained by the Scholarship Office.
High school seniors will need to provide a copy of their high school transcripts (official/unoffcial) when applying for the Hartnell College Scholarships Program.
Applications will be available at the Scholarship Office, located in the Admissions & Records/Financial Aid area. Students may also download and print an application from our website: