Frequently Asked Questions

Mitigating circumstances are those which directly hinder a student's pursuit of a course(s) and which are judged to be beyond the student's control. Following are some general categories of mitigating circumstances: serious illness of the student, serious illness or death of an immediate family member, immediate family or financial obligations, discontinuance of a course by the school.


The law requires that students notify the Hartnell College Veterans Office of a withdrawal from course(s). The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) will adjust or terminate benefits retroactive to the beginning date of the term. If the change of enrollment is due to reasons beyond the student's control, which DVA accepts as mitigating circumstances, benefits are adjusted on the effective date of the reduction. Form 21-4138, Statement In Support of Claim, must be filed for consideration.


New students, or students who did not attend the previous term (including summer) may request certification with "Advance Pay," but must do so at least 35 days prior to the first day of the term. Students interested in advance pay should notify the HCC Veterans Office at the time they are requesting certification, as a separate signature is required. Department of Veterans Affairs will subsequently forward a benefit check to the college, which includes pay in advance for the first two calendar months of the term.


All certifications are based on required courses for major and general education. Recommended and advised courses are not payable by VA. Electives are only payable if you need additional units to meet the 60 unit graduation or transfer requirement. Students may choose to take recommended, advised, or non-payable elective units, but the units will not count toward your certification with VA.