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Academic Affairs Council


Council Members

Lori Kildal, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Co-Chair/Accreditation Liaison Officer Administration lkildal@hartnell.edu 770-7091 Permanent
Carol Kimbrough, Instructor, Co-Chair/College Curriculum Committee Chair Academic Senate/Faculty ckimbrough@hartnell.edu 755-6856 Permanent
Shannon Bliss, Dean of Academic Affairs (Math, Science & Engineering), Member Administration sbliss@hartnell.edu 755-6875 June 2015
Matt Coombs, Vice President of Information & Technology Resources, Member Administration mcoombs@hartnell.edu 755-6870 Permanent
Loyanne Flinn, Director of Development, Member Administration lflinn@hartnell.edu 755-6810 June 2015
Debra Kaczmar, Dean of Academic Affairs (Nursing & Allied Health), Member Administration dkaczmar@hartnell.edu 770-6146 June 2015
Terri Pyer, Associate Vice President (Human Resources & EEO), Member Administration tpyer@hartnell.edu 755-6706 Permanent
Mark Sanchez, Dean of Student Affairs (Student Success), Member Administration msanchez@hartnell.edu 759-6057 Permanent
Laura Zavala, Program Assistant I, Member C.S.E.A. lzavala@hartnell.edu 755-6734 June 2015
Vacant L-39      
Tony Anderson, Counselor, Member Faculty tanderso@hartnell.edu 755-6963 June 2015
Carol King, Instructor, Member Faculty cking@hartnell.edu 755-6935 June 2015
Nancy Schur-Beymer, Instructor, Member Faculty nschur@hartnell.edu 770-6150 June 2015
Lisa Storm, Instructor, Member Faculty lstorm@hartnell.edu 755-6745 June 2015
Elain Duran, Student, Member ASHC elaineiduran@student.hartnell.edu 755-6734 June 2014
Andrea Rivera-Sanchez, Student, Member ASHC andreariverasanchez@student.hartnell.edu 755-6734 June 2014