Hartnell CCD Governing Board 2007 Agendas & Minutes

2007 Agendas, Minutes & Materials (PDF format)



December 4th Regular Meeting Board Agenda (PDF)

December Workshop Agenda

December 4, 2007 (PDF)

December 4, 2007 Annual Organizational Meeting (PDF)

December 4, 2007 Meeting of the Member (PDF)

December 2007 Board Packet (PDF)  
November 6th Regular Meeting Board Agenda (PDF) November 2007 Board Minutes (PDF) November 2007 Board Packet (PDF)

Bond Update Fall 2007 pdf (English)

Academic Senate Report

Academic Senate - Shared Governance

October 9th Regular Meeting Board Agenda (PDF)

October 2007 Board Minutes (PDF)

October 2007 Special Meeting Minutes (PDF)

October 2007 Board Packet (PDF)

October 9th Special Meeting: 2007-2008 Budget recommended for adoption (PDF)

Bond Oversight Report (PDF)

Academic_Senate Report (PDF)

September 13th, Special Meeting Board Agenda (PDF) September 13th Special Meeting Minutes (PDF)    
September 13th, Regular Meeting Board Agenda (PDF) September 2007 Board Minutes (PDF) September 2007 Board Packet (PDF)

Revised Consent Action D.16

Addendum to Consent Action D.15

Reports to the Board

1. President
2. Classified Senate
3. Bond Oversight Committee
4. Academic Senate

August 7th's Board Agenda (PDF) August 2007 Board Minutes (PDF) August 2007 Board Packet (PDF)  
  July 28th Special Meeting Minutes  
  July 21st 2007 Special Meeting Minutes (PDF)    
  July 2007 Board Minutes (PDF) July 2007 Board Packet (PDF)  
  June 2007 Board Minutes (PDF) June 2007 Board Packet (PDF)  
  May 2007 Board Minutes (PDF) May 2007 Board Packet (PDF)  
  April 2007 Board Minutes (PDF) April 2007 Board Packet (PDF)  
  March 2007 Board Minutes (PDF) March 2007 Board Packet (PDF)  
  February 2007 Board Minutes (PDF)    
  January 2007 Board Minutes (PDF)