What I remember

I remember my grandpa singing me one special song
I remember him making his coffee
And there I heard non-stop singing
I remember thinking in my head
“Jacqueline do not ever forget that song”
I never did
I remember me sitting on his lap and telling him things
I just wanted him to know
I remember the warmness of his hands and him saying
“I will live forever”
I remember the hats he would let me use that would go over my head
I keep them in my backpack so I can remember him
I remember the day he passed away
I was in Boston, Massachusetts
I asked a wish
Fifteen seconds later a snow blizzard started
I was amazed
I remember my family’s favorite baseball team
Did not win the World Series for 86 years
I remember when my grandpa passed away at 86
And that year his favorite baseball team won
The World Series for 2004
Now we know why they won
I remember my grandpa

Jacqueline Blumsack
Age 8