Baja La Luna

Reina de la noche.

Full moon.

She comes eerily, poco a poco, con mucho misterio.

A veces wearing a shroud of nubes.

Running like a shadowy river upon her face.

At other times she lights the night sky with all her majesty.

Stirring primal emotions and touching our innermost being.

She strips away false pretense and awakens us to our barest instinctive essence.

We cannot explain her powers. Many fools have tried.

We can be bombarded by technocrats with stacks of statistics about rises in violent


being attributed to some full moon madness.

But they use these numbers the way a drunk uses a lamppost.

More for support that illumination.

BUT as for me…

I prefer to think of the magic she brings.

How lovers have sat beneath her since time immemorial.

The human passion she has engendered.

How many she has inspired to share secret feelings.

That would have otherwise gone unspoken.

I would rather ponder the solemn promises uttered under her canopy.

The planting of ceremonial corn under her protection and special blessing.

The spells, brujeria y curanderismo that require her as a necessary element.

And I wonder how many desert travelers, low on provisions and far from home,

Have safely traveled beneath her glow, when to do so by day would certainly have

meant a

journey of death.

We have used her to mark the passage of time. She has witnessed our human frailties,

weaknesses, our injustice to self and one another,

Yet passes no judgment upon us or any creature.

You are my special ally who has cloaked me in strong medicine.

You make me want to run with my pack.

Headlong and full speed beneath your light.

I want to hung, scamper, play, and make love all night long.

Let me seek out the highest summit.

Let me stand at the precipice.

Let me ready myself to make that strong and sure leap into whatever tomorrow brings.

Let me throw back my head to you and Howl!!


Charles Castillo