Two Poems by Bob Barminski


The song of the Canyon Wren
descends across the water
belonging to the canyon.

Words are carried along by the wind
and drift away.
Thoughts become words unspoken
a glance,
a quiet smile.

To know her is to know the water,
to love her is to love a sound.

The song of the Canyon Wren
is on her lips
and belongs to the canyon.

Summer Child

The Summer child will light the fire
as the Hualapai gather
from the river and the canyons
to be one together.

Men will beat the fire down
when the wood has burned to embers
the ash will fly
on the wind up to the sky.

Women will place the agave
in the Canyon roaster
as the people gather round
echoes fill with laughter.

Where the Summer child lit the fire
there are no people gathered
the river and the canyons
are filled with silent echoes.

Bob Barminski