Life Paint

if tears stained permanently then our
stories would unwrap themselves at the tug of simple questions
our rainbow of tears would water color our faces
others would notice our life smeared upon our hands

the labor it takes to hold back tears . . . would release herself

anger is not always red
violent and pressing
sometimes it is the color of
the ocean blues swishing       white tipped waves
rocking a community to sleep

the strength it takes to unclench a fist would. . . be respected

grief does not always leave
it makes deep spaces for love
to abide within
allowing sleep to come on heavy

if tears stained permanently . . . our faces would teach empathy

fear is like golden honey . . left out in the snow
isn’t goin anywhere til
you mix it with some
hot tea and a conversation

so pour out those rainbow tears
your eyelashes need washing so you can see
dust smothered vision won’t let in the sunlight

I can see a water colored masterpiece just waiting to flow from those eyes

Allison Matulich