Poetic Voices Winner

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

It’s a man who killed himself over a webcam this week
He felt depressed, went into a chatroom,
then was egged on by the others, so he
hung himself for all to see. Some laughed

It’s a realtor who buys virtual property in a video game
so they can sell it to potential customers
probably with a high interest rate
and a killer mortgage.

It’s finding out someone is on a website called BeastForums
with pictures of themselves doing things to their dog
you thought you knew them so well too
even got them a nice card for christmas.

It’s a Korean baby dying while his parents
were at the cyber cafe all day, surfing
websites, checking e-mail, playing World of Warcraft
they feel really bad about it.

It’s a digital millennial mindfuck,
where the masks of real life are left behind
and people become the vulgar gluttons
they always wanted to be.

It’s love, hate
life, death
serious, silly
It’s the internet

What the Fuck?

Andrew Bann