The Editor Thanks,

Maria Garcia Tabor poet, friend, and mentor to the stars.

The Fishbowl Six: Krishtine de Leon, Russell Morse, Tika Milan, Colin Stutz, Peter Maiden, and me—the A Team from the beginning.

Steven Tyler, who took me backstage to drink from his glass.

Christopher Gilkey, always ridin’ dirty and glamorous.

Jenette Vogt, who doesn’t wait in line for anyone!

Robin Eldow, my guardian angel, friend, and my favorite publicist.

Angelo Amadio, business partner, friend, and caretaker.

Bob Gamber, for rock and roll, and Vinyl Revolutions.

Paul Desmond, for his art and last minute salvaging and humor.

Josué Rojas—brilliant cover artist, and honorary Fishbowl member.

The assistant to Miss Simpson, Krys Jagger—who, at press time was unreachable on a beach in the south of France.

Hunter S. Thompson, Doctor of Divinity—thank you for showing me the wave.

Lee Morrow—dishwasher, dog washer, and swashbuckler.

Jann Wenner, Jonathan Ringen, and Joe Levy for quite the Rolling experience.

Carlos Del Los Rios, Laurence Roeck, Ben Fink Shapiro, Antonia Richmond, Olivia Palermo, Nancy Faulconer, Patrick McMullan, Avery Andon, Scott Kolbics, Jennifer Lagier, Hartnell College Foundation, Circo Poetry Club, Homestead Review Club, Irene Rasmussen, Jenny Donegan, Eli Mizrahi, Erin Shocky, Keith Richards, Justin Radell, Alisha Dickison and all the other people I encountered on my long journey from Reality.

Krystal Simpson, Editor