Two Poems by Tika Milan


And I want a love that's sweet as vodka tea
and made to taste just for me with a
twist of lime
strong like moonshine
and black and warm
like summertime nights
and fun like similes and rhythm
and elevated like ganja
and deep like freedom and wet like sweat
and sweet smelling like lilac wine
and myrrh
and inspired like these words
and beautiful like my
and round,
a cipher, like her breasts
and clean and healthy
and drug and disease free
and free
and free
and free
and loud like singing when no one
is around
and you can't carry a note but nobody's there to tell
you it's not beautiful
and I want a love that's comfy like
chamomile tea
and Nikki Giovanni at 3am,
and kisses on the neck and tight hugs
a love like rewind so I can do it two times,
a love in every language
and dimension that gives me all the
attention and tucks me in.

Writer's Block

I write like my life depends on it so I gradually die.

with every page left blank I age.
every pen dried up I disappear.
I write like my life depends on it.
so I die. depreciate.
sometimes I forget how to spell,
can't articulate.
so I die.
because my life depends on it.

drown in empty space
no contemplation or imagination,
sometimes nothing, sometimes I'm close to death.
so I push my pen to write unreadable absurd nonsense.
then I live like an addict
scarred aged
diseased without conscious.
because my life depends on it.
like a vagrant. menace.
not giving a fuck.
because I need it and my life depends on it.
Hardknock life when the pen hardly moves.
my life. my life.
when the pen hardly moves my life.
hardly. hardly.
hardly and filled with pain.
hardly as in few and far
like real love and genuine friends.
moves my life.
black and blue ink black and blue marks
black and blue black and blue why am I so black and
sometimes I write on my skin
write from the outside in.

Tika Milan