Two Poems By Shao Wei

Horse Riding

You are too humble to come
Even grass came, even bees and sand
But never you

I hold your neck tightly
Wet and warm, too juicy and mature
We are like two lovers, just out of work

You move one step, I move one step
We are supposed to move
Together, either backward or forward

The moon's face is round, the moon's face is
half round
We run along the coastline
deep into the heart of another land

brother, can I call you brother
you choose the direction, I just follow
as soon as I hear your
its piercing sound breaks me into parts
each of me will ride on your back
until the road ends

Chasing in the Wind

The cloud looks like an angry girl,
who is pulling her hair and tearing her blue dress
Her witch's eyes are enlarged like stars

She fires at me. She throws
Sand, sound, rotten leaves on my shaky body
Her broken skirt covers the Hudson River
by which I sit down to cure my homesickness

My God, an old man behind me cries, running
with his eyes shut
His hat is flying away from his head
I start to run too,
chasing wind in the wind, like chasing water in the

Like Water chasing boats in the river
or they chase each other
like I chase myself in the wind
on such a day

It was my dream as a little girl by the Yangtze River
to be a woman to stay where she was born
whose chimney would always be smoking
Whose shoes would be too tight for her to walk out of
Whose grandfather would never die
without saying goodbye

Mountain after mountain
River after river
I've walked too far,
my face ripe in the wind, in the chasing
I ripen in the wind, in the chasing

The sky is blue now
The wild girl is gone
And my shoes fill with sand
So I walk heavily
like just waking up from a long night's sex

Where is the love
Where is the home, where is the father, brother
Sister and supporter
like an adopted child
I always feel the absence

Open my arms, open my chest
I hold the wind, I become pregnant
Ready to chase and to be chased again.

Shao Wei