Notes on Contributors

Ismael R. Archbold was born is Spain and raised in the states of Virginia, Florida, and Texas. He currently resides in Austin, Texas.

Michael Boccardo began his writing career at fifteen when he submitted a short story, accepted by a small press magazine called Starsong. Since then he has been published in The Unknown Writer, Frisson, and recently appeared in the spring issue of The Bitter Oleander.

Larry R. Brooks recently retired from the Central Intelligence Agency and is currently employed as an adjunct English instructor at the Community College of Southern Nevada. He has been reading and writing modern American poetry since 1960. His work has been published in numerous literary magazines, which include: Connecticut River Review, The Catbird Seat, Poetic Voices, and Kit Kat Review.

Brad Buchanan is originally from Canada and has had his poems published in many of the most widely-read Canadian literary journals, including Grain, Canadian Literature, The Antigonish Review, Descant, The Fiddlehead and Event. He has a PhD from Stanford University and has accepted a job at California State University, Sacramento.

Ginney Camden has an English Writing degree from Drake University and has devoted a great deal of time to writing poetry and fiction.

Dana Garrett’s poetry has appeared in many publications and anthologies, recently ACM, American Writing, Northeast Corridor, The Comstock Review, Whole Terrain and Grrrrr: A Collection of Poems about Bears. In 1997 he won the Delaware Division of the Arts Individual Grant Fellowship in the Emerging Professional category. He also recently won the Delaware Division of the Arts Individual Grant Fellowship in the Established Professional category.

Joseph Hart has been published by Raintown, Riverrun, Fauquier, Mojo Risin’ and Frisson. His heroes include Keats, Brooke, Housman, and Millay.

Keelyn T. Healy studied in Italy for three years, and she will soon graduate with a master’s degree from the University of Southern California. Her poems have appeared in the Seattle Review, Southern California Review, Spillway, Faultline Journal, and Allegheny Review.

Alberta Jimenez is a student at CSUMB. Her poem, “Los Campesinos” won first place in the tri-county poetry competition, Poetic Voices/Voces Poeticas.

David Jordan started writing five years ago and has had one hundred and four poems accepted by fifty-nine publications, including Rattle, Pearl, Spillway, Plainsongs, Thema and Long Shot.

Nancy King has been published in Spindrift, Mangrove, Timber Creek Review, Pembroke, Appalachian Heritage, GSU Review, and Main Street Rag.

David Lawrence is a poet living in New York City.

Peter Nathaniel Malae has published fiction in North Dakota Quarterly, South Dakota Review, Cimarron Review, Santa Clara Review, The Asian-American Journal, EM and Thirty-Two Pages, and poetry in Reed Magazine, Eclipse, and The Iconoclast.

Joan Martens is currently a district literacy leader in the Gilroy Unified School District, where she joys in inspiring and supporting teachers of writing. Before working at UCSC with student teachers, she taught psychology, literature, and creative writing classes at Gilroy High School, and founded Gilroy High's national award-winning art/literary magazine, Author! Author! She writes poetry and is a teacher leader with the Central California Writing Project.

Al Rocheleau’s work has appeared in Poetry Depth Quarterly, Mockingbird, ArtWord Quarterly, Pig Iron, Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, Pennsylvania English, Nedge, and Artisan.

Paul Sohar was born in Hungary and educated in the US. He has been recently published in Aurorean, Chelsea, Chiron, Kenyon Review, and Partisan Review. He seized upon translation as a legitimate outlet for his experimentation with traditional forms used as a vehicle for contemporary content, but keeps searching for new ways to express the inexpressible.

Jane Stuart has poems in Haiku Headlines, Summer’s Landing, Pegasus Review, and Pembroke Magazine.

Lisa C. Taylor works in schools as a writer-in-residence and has had her work published in Midwest Poetry Review, Cape Rock, and Chaminade Literary Review.

Maria Garcia

Margaret Walther, a librarian in the Denver metropolitan area, is a member of Columbine Poets, Inc., a statewide organization that promotes poetry in Colorado, and had been attending a weekly workshop on poetry for over ten years, both as a participant and as a teacher. Her work has appeared in Buffalo Bones, Comstock Review, and the Foothills Art Center Newsletter.

Christina Wall is an anarchist poet and author of short fiction currently finishing up her AA degree at Hartnell College.

jill Wright’s short story “Covenant” is the first chapter of her completed novel Hand me Down the Wind. She grew up in a small town in Oklahoma and now lives in Los Angeles where she’s a successful writer-producer of new media for Warner Brothers, Digital Pictures, IVS and others. Her work has been the subject of a BBC Documentary, Equinox. She is an award-winning author of children’s books—The Old Woman and the Willy Nilly Man (G.P. Putnam’s Sons) which won The Helen Laemme Award, The Old Woman and the Jar of Uums (G.P. Putnam’s Sons), and Minnie’s Tea Party (Starry Puddle Publishing). Her poetry chapbooks are— A Child's Christmas in Oklahoma, (Sacred Bundle Publishing,) and Wild Stars, an Anthology from Art of the Wild, SVWC, (Starry Puddle Publishing) which she also edited.

Gerald Zipper, author of the play “A Little Madness”, has been published in the Journal of New Jersey Poets, The Pegasus Review, and Piedmont Literary Review, among others.

Lee Clark Zumpe is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in English. He attended the University of South Florida in Tampa where he received the Charles F. Brooks Award in Technical Writing. His latest publications have been featured in: Wabash Review, The Higginsville Reader, Songs of Innocence, and Mobius.