Volume 19, Issue 1

Front Cover: Jim Gavenus Scenes from Alabama
jill Wright: Covenant
Ismael R. Archbold: A Spring Beginning
Michael Barccardo: Two Poems
Larry R. Brooks: Cancer Tears
Brad Buchanan: Anapests for the Desperate
Ginney Camden: Ballet Shoes
Dana Garrett: Three Poems
Joseph Hart: Dawn
Keelyn T. Healy: Turtle Moon
Alberta Jimenez: Two Poems
David Jordan: Two Poems
Nancy King: Lonely Lady
David Lawrence: Three Poems
Peter N. Malae: Two Poems
Joan Martens: Two Poems
Al Rocheleau: Salinas
P. Sohar: Brief Encounters
Jane Stuart: We Go Fishing
Maria Garcia Tabor: Horarium of the Nuns
Lisa C. Taylor: New Skin
Christina Wall: Seventeen
Margaret Walther: My Brother, . . .
Gerald Zipper: Side Streets
Lee Clarke Zumpe: Company of Strangers

Contributor's Notes