Late Breaking News

You're on the couch surfing the TV

in this one life you have,

and the cable news' images

light the room with a ghostly

white, halo-like suffusion.

If you wake in the twilight,

feel and see the earth begin to

move in a counter-clockwise direction,

you will know immediately

this is the power of the Anti-anchor's

spoon stirring the thin layer

of this thing we stand on, will know

this is the beginning of the whirling

of the sink of the world, as

one immense cathode strains

against the tug and swirl

of the last great gurgle, but

disappears into a shrinking navel,

a cable pundit expounding on a version

of our most recent history…,

shirt, coat, coat, tie, haircut

undermined by the accelerating gravitational pull.

Peter Desy