Sleeping (after a painting by Jih Chin Wu)

On a wall

above two little girls frantically

playing cards

is a man asleep in a tram

in a painting

within a mist of flashing reflections

of windows and rooftops

of the whole dreaming city at dusk.

The rectangular tram carrying

the sleeping populace through the city

has emptied out

and the neatly dressed man

asleep in the painting

is alone.

The seats of the tram are

bold strokes of yellow and orange

which seem to lift you up

out of the crowded café above the card game

and the sky blue sweep of the tram's floor

that merges to midnight shades, colors

the tilt of the man's head

resting heavily back into a mysterium

of the city's moving geometry of twilight:

all trapezoid shadows and triangles of light

carrying everything

into a river of wind in the trees

out the window and beyond all dreams.

Indigo Hotchkiss