(Notes on) Those who have some imagination agree
Mate and fight often look sound feel the same.

The moon is a minor character, but in every scene.

Blue is not necessarily the color of sky or even the most interesting.

Trees and rabbits can talk. Or at least tell us something. Or trees and rabbits cannot talk.
									(disagreement here)

Love can be vodka, flame, grass, purple (this list could go on for some 

A penis perhaps is just a penis, but love is never only love.

The middle is never the most interesting part.

Sets of three (think decorating) do nicely.

Fathers (and mothers) should be dead awhile before you invite them

It is okay to kill someone you love.
(addendum: with words. further addendum: on a page. No
consensus on whether to show the story to someone you love)

There is a polite way of saying you can take no more
(the end)

Betsy Johnson-Miller