The Voice of a Twelve-Year-Old:
Two Poems by Sophia Willis


That word just soothes the hearts of a child
To hear their Mama’s voice calms them when they are wild
Well I have a Mommy and she’s the best you ever saw
If her children need help they just give her a call
So mom this poem is to you
To let you know all you do
When I feel bad or cry
You hold me tight
A hug from You makes me feel just right
You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seenj
You’ve always been
My life wouldn’t be complete without you
You’re my mommy and I’m your Lulu
There is some children without a mom at all
They should give my mom a call
My heart is complete with you
If you weren’t here, I don’t know what I’d do.


Well they can hurt you a lot
Especially your ex-friends, they know your soft spots
I have a couple of enemies that hurt me real bad
Made me real sad
I just don’t know who to trust anymore
When you get in a fight your heart feels sore
Don’t let your friend’s mom get involved
It will be too hard to solve
Not only will she hurt you
But her mom will too
Enemies can make you scream and shout
This is a poem I feel strongly about.

Sophia Willis