Meditating to Evening Music

Music already knows the twisty ways of wisdom.
It is a knowledge sound makes when a tune
follows the past the of least resistance and blooms
into arpeggios and harmonies that see to have
been waiting to accompany the medley to its finale.

Along these paths, flutes willow and fade as fades
the light, grays shiver among darks and brights as if
each were trying to learn the other’s secrets. Who
can believe the meaning of the night, its sure coming?
Is it music that soothes us or the spaces in-between?

I go among these notions seeking the silvery depths
of that which will unite me with the causes and effects
of what I am. I want to know God and want
to know if He wants to know me. Am I what I am
supposed to be? Have I realized who I am? Is what

I am an essential part of the melody the universe sings?
Do I bring harmony or discord to the song, make
it better, worse, or have no effect on it at all? These
questions penetrate the darkness with their many colors,
wrap themselves around what the music is trying to do.

Fredrick Zydeck