Blue Blood by Carmen M. Pursifull

Appearances may deceive even the discerning. No matter what your station blood runs red in your veins. So where did this legend Of Nobility come from & the shade of Royal Blue? What to Social Registers contribute to the tincture of blood? Noblemen do not refract Sunlight & dire circumstances can place one in a salt-water coffin. It is the Oceanís currents which cloud its waters with matter & metals changed to ion. So depth alone cannot determine the turbidity which affects Lightís spectrum. Salt water slowly decomposes all substances & what are we who once crawled from the sea. No we ride in capsules & breathe cleansed Earthís atmosphere. Confinement in submersibles can try the best of men.. Space is that precious preventative of claustrophobia for some humans. Air is a prerequisite for all mammals.. & what of depthís pressures crushing body forms & hulls alike. Strained compressions seek entrance with compelling force to reclaim its airborne offspring. what of divers who suffer cuts at waterís depths bleeding blue from wounds deceiving even the discerning. Carmen M. Pursifull