Three Poems by Dana Garrett

Suddenly a Male Metaphor

I will not beat a drum
Or cling to the company of men
Or pronounce a woman
Cannot know my secret.

But I am the eldest son
And my father is dead.
Now an umpire calls "Batter up,"
And no man stands before me.

old frog pond, after

plop! &
then forgotten
thoughts pop up: roiled mold
sloughed anew by the beautiful

When Medusa Visits Her Statuary

She will leave him.
This is the instant she visits.
Her knife having entered his flesh,
his face records her vow
as a stunned expression.
But she lingers so that his fear petrifies
as hope and his promises to change never finish with
"She does not want me." From there
he could move on to realize her ugliness.
She knows. To withdraw her blade is to cut off her head.

Dana Garrett