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Health and Welfare Benefits at Hartnell College

Full-time employees at Hartnell College are provided health insurance through the Monterey County Schools Insurance Group (MCSIG).

The District pays 100% of the employee premium, and 95% of dependent premium for coverage in the MCSIG PPO $25 plan (an 80/20 plan, formerly called Option III). The PPO$25 is the "Base" plan, and employees may elect coverage in other plans offered by MCSIG, as is briefly outlined in the “District Benefits Overview” document.

Hartnell’s health benefits progam is designed to emphasize wellness and preventative care, and includes:

District Benefits Overview:

Health Benefits at Hartnell College 2014-2015

Full-Time Employee Benefit Information:

MCSIG Change Form

(Includes Declination of Dependent Coverage Form)

2014-15 HCCD Employee Base Plan Cost Comparison
(Also see related page: Section 125 Plan)

2014-15 MCSIG Medical Plan Coverage Comparison Chart
2014-15 MCSIG Medical Rates
2014-15 MCSIG Dental & Vision Rates

Prior Year 2013/14 MCSIG Medical Rates
Prior Year 2013/14 MCSIG Dental & Vision Rates
Prior Year 2013/14 Sect 125 Base Plan Calculation (Mid-year, eff. July 1, 2013)

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