Integrated Planning Model

Hartnell College's Model for Integrated Planning & Sustainable Continuous Quality Improvement informs and impacts all key institutional processes and decisions. It begins with the recognition that organizational values and community needs form the context for long term planning.

Institutional purpose and direction are defined by the goal-oriented mission and vision statements, which in turn drive the strategic and long term institutional plans. The strategic plan serves as the lead or umbrella plan, and therefore serves as a guide in developing all other long term plans.

The program planning and assessment (PPA) process provides for linkages to the college mission, vision, and long term plans, and involves participatory governance, budget development, resource allocation, plan implementation, and outcome assessments. Evaluations and assessments are critical in that they form the basis for implementing program improvements from year to year, and may further result in modifications to mission, vision, and/or long term plans.

The long range objective of integrated planning is to enhance institutional effectiveness via sustainable continuous quality improvement.