Assignment 1

Using a word processing program, create a file containing your name and then list your answers to the following questions. Run a spell check, then upload your file to the e-College Week One drop box.

Access the Hartnell Library web page at, then click the link to open the online catalog.

  1. Select "Basic Search" and look for books by John Steinbeck. List the title of one book by this author that the library owns.
  2. What is the call number for this book?Where in the library is this book located?What is the "status" of this book?List the publication information: publisher, city of publication and publication date for this book. Still using "Basic Search", search for the subject heading: multicultural education. Provide the author and title for one book you found. Search by "Keyword" for the keyword phrase "online education". Put quotation marks around these words to indicate a phrase search. How many titles did the online catalog list? Provide the author and title for one book you found.
  3. Do a Combination Search and look for books about information and competency, putting each word in a separate box on the combination search screen display. List the author and title for one book you found on this subject.

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