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Community and Social Services Careers

People who choose careers in Community and Social Services want to make a difference. They care about others and want to help those in need. Counselors assist people with personal, family, educational, mental health problems and career decisions. Police officers, correctional officers, the FBI, and prison guards are among many Law Enforcement careers. Those who want to make things better and help relieve suffering include public safety jobs such as firefighters and paramedics. Social workers help people to improve their social conditions. Human services assistants work under the direction of social workers and other professionals to provide services and therapy so that people can function in their environment.

How do I find information about careers in Community and Social Services? How much does a firefighter make? What is the job outlook for social workers? What are the training and education requirements for a counselor? What are licensure and certification requirements for police officers, firefighters and paramedics?

Professional organizations, books and the Internet provide valuable resources that describe the skills, knowledge and abilities required to perform a jobs in Community and Social Services.


Both the Federal government and the State of California have resources that provide job descriptions, training and education, earnings, job prospects and working conditions, job search tips and descriptions occupations in related fields.

Police, detectives and sheriffs protect lives and property. They are employed by the state, counties and cities. Duties may be specialized and have specific jurisdictions.

Professional Organizations

Office of the Sheriff, County of Monterey,
Salinas Police Department,
International Association of Women Police,

Correctional Officers oversee individuals who have been arrested and waiting for trial, convicted of a crime and sentenced to serve time. They work in jails, prisons, parole and probation agencies.

American Correctional Association,
California Department of Corrections,

Law enforcement officers are employed by and Federal governments

Homeland Security,

Counseling careers include vocational, rehabilitation, substance abuse, behavioral disorder, marriage and family.

American Counseling Association,
American School Counselor, http://www.schoolcounselor.org

Social Workers help to improve people’s lives. They work with children, families and schools to improve family well being and academic performance of children. Social workers in medical and public health provide psychosocial support to cope with illness and medical issues.

Monterey County Department of Social and Employment Services,
National Association of Social Worker,
Council on Social Work Education,

Social and Human Services Assistants work under the direction and supervision of professionals. They have many job titles such as human service workers, case management aide, social work assistants, community support worker, community outreach workers and gerontology aide. They also help clients get benefits and services, assist in crisis intervention and provide emotional support.

Human Services Career Network, http://www.hscareers.com

The Federal government and the State of California have resources that provide the most comprehensive job descriptions, training and education, earnings, job prospects and working conditions, and job search tips. One of the most important features of these government resources are descriptions of occupations in related fields.

Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH). Bureau of Labor Statistics,

California Occupational Guides. California Employment Development Department.


Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH)
HF 54381 .A1O362

The OOH is available in print. It is revised every two years.

Includes a category for community and social services occupations. The OHH is also available as an ebook. An ebook is viewed online and is accessible through the Hartnell College Library website.

HF 5382.5 U5 O23 2002eb

Ackerman, Thomas. Guide to Federal Law Enforcement.
Profiles 225 careers in law enforcement
REF HV 8143 .A64 2001

Careers for Good Samaritans & Other Humanitarians (2006)
Explores careers working for nonprofit organizations, government social services, missionary organizations, and volunteerism. (ordered)

Careers in Focus: Education (ordered)

Careers in Focus: Public Safety (ordered)

Careers in Focus: Social Worker (2006)
Adult day care workers, grief therapists, hospice workers, occupational therapists, and therapy assistants and aides, and HIV/AIDS counselors and case managers are a few of the careers profiled. (ordered)

Echaore-McDavid, Susan. Career Opportunities in Law Enforcement, Security and Protective Services
HV 8143 .E34 2006

Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance

Each occupational entry includes background information, vocabulary and terminology, job outlook, professional organizations and websites and related occupations.
HV 8143 .E34 2006 v. 1-5

The Top 100: the Fastest Growing Careers in the 21st Century

Includes many careers in Community and Social Services
HF 5382 .T59 2001

What can you do with a major in education. (ordered)


E-books are accessible from the Hartnell Online Catalog and from Electronic Books on the Hartnell College Library website. You must create an account from the LRC to view E-Books from your home.

Ackerman, Thomas H. FedeA Career as a Social Worker, 2005.

ral Law Enforcement Careers: 250 High-powered Positions and Tactics for Getting Hired, 2006.

Butler, Ian. Social Work with Children and Families: Getting Into Practice, 2004.

Careers with Government Security and Intelligence Agencies, 2005.

Coleman, Ronny J. Opportunities, Fire Protection Services Careers, 2005.

EMT Career Starter: Finding and Getting a Job, 1998.

Eberts, Marjorie. Careers for Good Samaritans and Other Humanitarian
, 1998.

Edelfelt, Roy A. Careers in Education, 2004.

Garner, Geraldine O. Careers in Social and Rehabilitation Services, 2001.

Kacen, Alex. Opportunities in Paramedical Careers, 2000.

Lambert, Stephen. Great Jobs for Criminal Justice Majors, 2001.

Lambert, Stephen. Great Jobs for Sociology Majors, 1997.

Masi, Mary. Firefighter Career Starter: Finding and Getting a Great Job, 1998.

Mortan, Manly. Careers in Criminology, 2000.

Paradis, Adrian A. Careers for Caring people and Other Sensitive Types, 2003.

Swanson, Barbara. Careers in Health Care, 2005.


Periodical articles from the following databases provide up-to-date information and the latest trends in Community and Social Services careers.


These resources provide comprehensive information about job search strategies and all phases of the application process.


U.S. Department of Housing
A comprehensive guide to a “10-step jobseeking process. Each step provides online tools (samples, drafts, etc) and /or resources (information on a specific topic)”

California EDD Job Seekers
Provides tips to help applicants explore career options, prepare applications and resumes, and improve interview skills.

Riley Guide
Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet
Provides job search techniques and online sites and services.


Bolles, Richard N. What Color is your parachute?
HF5382.7. B64 2002

The Internet: a Tool for Career Planning (ordered)

Moren, Susan. How to get a job and keep it.
HF 5382.7 .M645 2007

Resumes for Social Service Careers (ordered)


The job search involves looking for local services and websites that post job openings. Many websites not only enable applicants to apply for job openings, but to also create and store resumes.

One Stop Career Centers
This is the nation's publicly-funded resource for jobseekers and businesses. Personnel are available to help applicants in all steps of the application process.

California – One Stop Centers
There are five (5) locations in Monterey County. A comprehensive list and location of all California offices can be found at


State of California (EDD) CalJOBS
California’s Internet system for linking employer job listings and job seeker resumes. Job fairs and events are also listed. Also in Spanish.

The official job site of the United States Federal Government. It is the one stop source for employment information and jobs openings at the Defense Language Institute, Naval Postgraduate School, Park Service and other Federal employment in Monterey County and other California locations.

Monterey Bay Jobs
Provides current job openings in Monterey and Santa Cruz counties

“The largest job search, employment and careers site”
Register, post a resume and receive weekly job openings.

Register and post a resume. List job openings as well as job hunting tips.


Newspapers are excellent sources for looking for employment. Newspapers post weekly new openings.
Salinas Californian – Tuesday

City and County Governments, Businesses, Corporations, Schools and Colleges

Human Resources Departments are responsible for posting openings within the organization. Employment openings are also provided online as a link from an organization’s home page.


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