LIB 8 - Information Competency for Job Seekers & CalWORKS Students

Write a Resume

What is a Resume?

A resume is a short document that details your qualifications for a particular job or job market. As a job applicant, you need at least two resume versions: a print resume and an electronic resume. In some circumstances for some fields, a web resume is also an asset. We have created a Resume Reference Sheet further describing the types and purposes of these formats.

A winning resume is one that gets you a job interview. It quickly shows that the candidate has the qualifications necessary for the job. It demonstrates that the candidate can meet the employer's needs. On this page, you will find many sources that will help you develop and prepare your very best resume.

The following sources will provide you assistance:

Books in the Hartnell College Library Collection

Recommended Hartnell College Library Database Resouces on Resume Writing

COIN Community Library, [User ID: hartnell Password: calif ]

Learning Express Library, [New users will need to create a user name and logon]


The Internet is a rich resource for finding useful resume writing and formatting suggestions. You can use your favorite search engine to research specific questions you may have.


Download and print the following activity sheet,  then complete the resume writing activities. The PDF version requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader,, to display and print the handout. The RTF version may be displayed and printed from any word processing program.

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