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Statistical Sources

United States
County and City Extra
REF HA 202 .A36

Crime in the United States
(also known as the "Uniform Crime Reports")
Published annually, data is compiled by the FBI and collected from police departments around the United States. REF HV 6787 .A3

Handbook of U. S. Labor Statistics
REF HD 8051 .H36

Historical Statistics of the United States, Colonial Times to 1970
REF HA 202 .B37 1975

Statistical Abstract of the United States
Published annually by the Bureau of the Census, this is a good reference book to start with when looking for statistics on any topic.
REF HA 202

California Statistical Abstract
Annual publication of the California Department of Finance.
REF HA 261 .C3

California Cities, Towns & Counties
REF HA 261 .C295

Local Sources
City and county planning departments, chambers of commerces, and local non-profit agencies are potential sources of local information.

Europa World Year Book
REF JN 1 .E85

Statistical Abstract of the World
REF HA 154 .S83

United Nation's Demographic Yearbook
REF HA 17 .D45

United Nation's Demographic Yearbook
REF HA 17 .D45

General Almanacs
The World Almanac & Book of Facts
REF AY 67 .N5 W7 (Most current edition located at the Reference Desk)

Time Almanac
REF AY 64 .I552

Other Sources
Encyclopedia of Associations Addresses, phone numbers and information about professional or trade associations and organizations that may collect and disseminate statistics relating to their field. REF HS 17 .G334 (Ask at the Reference Desk)

Web Sites
RAND California
Comprehensive statistics for business, population, education, health, politics and public opinion from the RAND, non-profit "think tank."
Available with logon. Login ID: A1642, Password: hartnell

Current Information
The latest statistics may not yet be published in a book. Newspapers frequently publish the most up-to-date information. Use EBSCOhost Newspaper Source (available from Hartnell College Library's web page) to find the most current information published in newspapers.