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Intercultural Communications

Selected Resources


American immigrant cultures: builders of a nation / edited by David Levinson, Melvin Ember. New York: Simon & Schuster Macmillan, c1997. REFERENCE E184.A1 A63448 1997

Countries and their cultures / Melvin Ember and Carol R. Ember, editors. New York: Macmillan Reference USA, 2001. REFERENCE GN307 .C68 2001

Country Studies / Federal Research Division, Library of Congress. (Check the Hartnell Library Online Catalog for country availability). Also on the Internet at: http://lcweb2.loc.gov/frd/cs/cshome.html .

Culturgrams : the nations around us / produced by Brigham Young University and Culturgrams. [ Provo, Utah] : Brigham Young University, 1999. Also available online (see below). REFERENCE GT150 .D85 1999

 Do's and don'ts around the world : a country guide to cultural and social taboos andetiquette/ by Gladson I. Nwanna. Baltimore, Md: World Travel Institute, [1998]. (Guides available for Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, Oceania & Japan, Russia, South America, the Middle East, and The United States, Canada, & Australia.) REFERENCE and Circulating BJ2137 .N83… 1998

Encyclopedia of food and culture / Solomon H. Katz, editor in chief. New York : Scribner/Thomson Gale, c2003. REFERENCE GT2850 .E53 2003

Encyclopedia of world cultures / David Levinson, Editor. Boston, Mass.: G. K. Hall, c1991. (covers North America, Oceania, South America, South Asia, Europe, East and Southeast Asia, Russia and Eurasia/ China, Middle America and the Caribbean, Africa and the middle east.) REFERENCE HM101 .E53

 Gale encyclopedia of multicultural America / edited by Judy Galens, Anna Sheets, Robyn V. Young. Detroit, MI : Gale Research, c1995. REFERENCE E184.A1 G14 1995

World Book encyclopedia of people and places / Chicago : World Book, 2005. REFERENCE AE5 .W563 2005


CountryWatch: <http://www.countrywatch.com/> Comprehensive background on the 192 countries of the world . Available from the Hartnell College Library Web page.

CultureGrams: <http://onlineedition.culturegrams.com/> Information on the cultures of 181 countries and territories. Available from the Hartnell College Library Web page.