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Hartnell College Tour - Copy Room

Hartnell College Library Virtual Tour

Copy Room

map of hartnell library with the copy room highlighted

 Copy Room:

  • The library has two copy rooms, one on each floor
  • Money is needed on cat card(student ID card) or copy card
  • 1st floor copy center has a machine that you can either purchase a guest card, or put money on a copy card
First Floor
 Circulation Desk hartnell logo swirl Periodicals hartnell logo swirl Copy Room hartnell logo swirl Media Services Desk hartnell logo swirl Special Collections hartnell logo swirl Study Room 
hartnell logo swirl Community Room hartnell logo swirl Distance Learning Room
Second Floor
  Reference Desk hartnell logo swirl New Books hartnell logo swirl Periodical Stacks hartnell logo swirl Information Competency Lab 
hartnell logo swirl Book Stacks hartnell logo swirl Study Room
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