MEASURE T BOND- Future of Hartnell College

WELCOME to the Measure T Bond web page.  On this page and succeeding subpages, information will be posted to keep  the Hartnell Community College District community, abreast of the work authorized and completed under the Measure T Bond.  Read who comprises the Measure T Bond Oversight Committee; review their meeting minutes or learn when they will meet. Discover who the design team(s) will be.  Read about projects and their status. Monthly updates will be posted here.  At the left side of this homepage, in the black column, are further links to open the subpages containing this and other information regarding Measure T.

Improving Access to 21st Century Job Training and Transfer to Four Year Universities

Hartnell College must upgrade and expand classrooms, labs and facilities on the Main Campus in Salinas, at the Alisal Campus in East Salinas, in South Monterey County, and in North Monterey County. That’s why the Hartnell College Board of Trustees placed a $167 million local bond measure on the November 2016 ballot, and thanks to the support of the community, it passed.

By improving access to higher education, Hartnell College can help the people of the Salinas Valley earn associate degrees, certificates, and four-year degrees to obtain better paying jobs. It is important to improve access to affordable community college, job training programs, and quality college facilities in our area because only 60% of Salinas Valley residents over the age of 25 have earned a high school diploma and only 5% - 7% of the District’s Latino population has attained a four-year degree or higher.

To read the full text of Measure T please activate (click on) this link - MEASURE T BOND FULL TEXT OF BALLOT MEASURE

MEASURE T STATUS UPDATES will be posted below or on the Design Teams and Architects/ Construction Updates and Contractor's pages, as projects progress  and develop.  The monthly status report to the Hartnell CCD Board will be posted below.

July 11, 2017 Measure T Status Update to the Board  
August 1, 2017 Measure T Status Update to the Board  
September 5, 2017 Measure T Status Update to the Board SEPT Expenditure Tracking
October 3, 2017 Measure T Status Update to the Board OCT Expenditure Tracking
November 21, 2017 Measure T Status Update to the Board NOVEMBER SUMMARY BUDGET
December 5, 2017 Measure T Status Update to the Board DECEMBER SUMMARY BUDGET
January 09, 2018 Measure T Status Update to the Board EXHIBIT C BUDGET SUMMARY


The Open Forum of October 20, 2107 survey Link has been closed as of December 16, 2017.  You can still view the content of the Open Forum on the Open Forums - College and Community Feedback sub-page of the Measure T webpages.  If you wish to send comments regarding any projects under Measure T please send to The District encourages your input - Thank-you.


Who to contact

Executive Director - Facilities Planning and Construction Management
Phone: 831-755-6814
E - College Administration (South)
Office: E107-B
Building: E - College Administration (South)
Administrative Assistant III
Phone: 831.770.6195
1 - Hartnell College Main Campus
Office: E -E105
Building: 411 Central Avenue, Salinas, CA 93901