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Deputy Sector Navigator



Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) / Digital Media

The Need:

Information Communications Technologies, ICT, and Digital Media are now integrated into almost every technology, industry and job. Consequently, understanding ICT and Digital Media as a sector requires that we look at the producers of and the users of ICT and Digital Media.(Economic Workforce Development, 2012) 

The Solution: 

The ICT-Digital Media Sector Team is a first ever statewide community college organization of education workforce professionals that are focused upon this need. Assigned to represent each of California’s regional economies and unified as a team, the regional Deputy Sector Navigators of the ICT- Digital Media Sector were launched in July 2013 to help accomplish four goals: 

1. Supply in-demand skills for employers.

2. Create relevant pathways and stackable credentials.

3. Get California into Open Jobs.

4. Promote student success.

Our assessment of the industry and the workforce calls for us to develop and communicate career pathways for experienced adults as well as high school graduates.

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