Meeting Dates & Locations





Measure T Bond Oversight Committee - 07/19/2017 

Bldg. E Room  E112


Approved Agenda

Measure T Bond Oversight Committee - 10/24/17

Bldg E Room 112 3:00 pm Approved Agenda

Measure T Bond Oversight Committee - 01/24/18

Bldg. C Room 124 Steinbeck Hall

3:00 pm Unapproved Agenda
Measure T Bond Oversight Committee - 04/xx/18


3:00 pm  
Community Open Forum - Measure T Projects - October 20, 2017 Steinbeck Hall 1:00 PM Four presenters will present concepts for four improvement projects. Open to the public.

Bond Oversight Committee Meetings are scheduled once quarterly.  Any special meetings called by the committee will also be posted here.  Meeting minutes and related committee documents can be found posted to the Bond Oversight, Agenda, Minutes and Documents page. In the Agenda column, the document title will be a link should there be corresponding document(s).

In addition to the above Oversight Committee meetings, any other meetings pertaining to Measure T projects will be posted to this table on this page.



Who to contact

Executive Director - Facilities Planning and Construction Management
Phone: 831-755-6814
E - College Administration (South)
Office: E107-B
Building: E - College Administration (South)
Administrative Assistant III
Phone: 831.770.6195
1 - Hartnell College Main Campus
Office: E -E105
Building: 411 Central Avenue, Salinas, CA 93901