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Matt Collins is beginning his 8th season as the Head Football Coach at Hartnell College.  In 2013, Hartnell finished with a 9-2 record (5-0) in conference play.  The Panthers advanced to the Divisional Championship and played in the Living Breath Foundation Bowl.  Hartnell prevailed over Contra Costa College to earn their 2nd Bowl Championship in the past 3 seasons.  This marked the best overall record for Hartnell Football since the 1991 season. There were 17 players on that team that earned some form of a scholarship to a University.  Three (3) Panthers signed scholarships to the University of Kansas, in the Big 12 Conference (RB-DeAndre Mann, Saf.- Anthony Smithson, DL- Kapil Fletcher). Over the past three seasons, the Panthers have posted a 3 PEAT as Conference Champions (2011, 2102 as Co-Champs, 2013 outright champs) after finishing 9-2 (5-0), 6-4 (4-1), 7-3 (4-1).  Under Coach Collins, the Panthers have won a share of the Coast Conference Championship four out of the past five seasons. The 2009 and 2011 and 2012 teams have finished with a conference record of 4-1.  In 2013, when you include a 3-2 conference mark in 2010, the Panthers five year combined conference record is an impressive 19-6.  Coach Collins has been named Regional Coach of the Year in both the 2011 and 2013 championship seasons.  This is an award that is reflective of the entire coaching staff and their efforts.  Coach Collins secretly gives ALL of his credit to his supportive wife Lisa and son Sean (10) for being patient and understanding the demands of the job.

As a team, the foundation has been laid and the bar has been raised high, and now it’s in the hands of the 2014 team to continue with the winning tradition.  Coach Collins has placed high emphasis on defense and special teams and he points out that both staffs’ have done a tremendous job with their units and the expectation is for both areas continue with the standard that has been set.

It is well known that Hartnell College has had many successful years of athletics, and in particular the football program is well known for its winning tradition.  “It is an honor to hold the position of Head Football coach at a school whose reputation of success is known throughout the country.  Our athletic programs have shown an improved attitude of work ethic and commitment and it is becoming infectious around campus.  With the support of our athletic director Danny Teresa, the fundraising efforts of our colleges’ foundation personnel, leadership from President Willard Lewallen and a solid group of coaches/support staff, we will continue to develop our student athletes into productive members of our community.

“It is our mission to mold our student athletes into responsible, accountable individuals and assist them to achieve a college education.  Life is full of obstacles and adversities, and the game of football is full of similar challenges.  As a coach, I have an opportunity to impress upon our players the importance of overcoming challenges they may be faced with while balancing their education, athletics, and other outside obstacles in everyday life”.

“We intend to prepare each week in efforts to beat our opponents.  Through hard work and discipline our players will be up for the challenge. Thank you for supporting Hartnell Football and we look forward to seeing you at Rabobank Stadium on Saturdays”.



2013 9-2  (5-0) Conference/Division Champions  (Living Breath Foundation Bowl) WIN

2012 6-4  (4-1) Co-Conference Champions

2011 8-3  (4-1) Co-Conference/Division Champions  (Living Breath Foundation Bowl) WIN

2010 2-8

2009 5-5  (4-1) Co-Conference Champions

2008 2-8

2007 1-9 * (Forfeit win/Los Medanos)


2013 Bowl /Conference Champions

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